Northern California Trout and Steelhead Report

The predicted El Niño of 2016 has shown it’s soaking potential, dropping much needed precipitation across the West Coast. Rain, sleet, and snow and typical winter storms have had their affects on waterways and roads leaving a trail of swollen rivers and treacherous highways in their wake, confirming that winter steelheading is not for the faint of heart. If you are up to the challenges and ready to face the caveats, rewards are present for the taking.

A fresh California Steelhead that was caught on a dropping river after a large storm

A fresh California Steelhead that was caught on a dropping river after a large storm

We’ll try to keep this one cut and dry, unlike the current weather forecast for the State of Jefferson. The Trinity river has been Continue reading

November Fly Fishing Report

Greg November Trinity

Guide Greg Kennedy, preparing to release a wild steelhead into the Trinity River, Northern California.   photo: 2015 © Kennedy Brothers

It’s no secret that California has been drought stricken for the last few years.  With small cold storms almost on a weekly basis, recent conditions in the Northern California region have been wet but Continue reading

Take Kids Fishing, Take them Fly Fishing!

Do you remember that moment when you realized you were going to have to make your own decisions in life?  You’re nine years old, and you’re new to the whole fly fishing thing.  You’re not exactly a rookie in your eyes but you catch more fish than your dad.  You’re at a point where you know your guide is going to teach you how to handle your own fish, that slimy creature that peers into your soul just before you release it back into the shadowy depths.  You finally break through the fear and muster up enough courage.  Just be cool and go with the flow.  Then it happens.  You did it!  Pure excitement, the whole family and the Kennedy Brothers are cheering.  You make one last look at the camera for dad’s photo as he calls over for you and suddenly to your surprise you notice your guide.  Your mentor and buddy who is also twice as big as you, he fishes with ex-KGB agents, the one who ducks through doors and has hands bigger than your head. You’re cradling your fish delicately with both of your dripping wet hands and… he’s going for the high five!  What would you do?  Do you remember that moment?  I do.


The weather after the rain has been delightful and it has forced an early emergence of caddis.  Not quite the blanket hatch yet but it’s been close some days. March brown’s, baetis, pmd’s, stone’s and midges are also abundant with some dry fly fishing showing up.  It’s a great time on the Lower Sacramento and it’s only going to get better.  With the way the water situation is shaping up it’s looking like we may have one of the best spring seasons in history.   The media may highlight the drought and it’s severe consequences but there are some upsides.  The Lower Sac is one of them.  Steelhead fishing on the Trinity River is the other.   We are currently focused on our spring bookings and although were are not full, the holes are starting to fill in.  Get your dates before it’s too late.

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Lower Sacramento River Report

Lower Sacramento River Report

Another wild rainbow trout from the river in Redding, California. It’s been absolutely beautiful this week! We’ve had productive conditions throughout December and the trend is continuing into the New Year. This next week we are expecting air temperatures at least 10 degrees above normal so some more t-shirt weather is in order. The river is currently running at 3,570 CFS and should remain near current levels with some minor adjustments through the next several days. The dreaded bead has not been the big producer although there are days and locations where egg patterns significantly improve your chances. Other places it acts as a super repellant. The midday baetis hatch as been the bug de jour and highlight without question from the top floats down to Los Molinos. Decent spring caddis hatches are already showing on the upper floats although timing has been variable. Fish throughout the Sacramento River are keying on small mayflies and are a must have on every setup all day long. Looking for some dry fly fishing? We have opportunities daily on both the Lower Sac and the Trinity River. Do you need a post holiday decompression? Now is the time!
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