Shasta-Trinity National Forest Service Closures in Northern California

Shasta-Trinity NF Recreation Facility Closures

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REDDING, Calif. — Developed campgrounds, cabin rentals and picnic areas on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest are closed until April 30, 2020. A full list of current closures can be found below. 

Notifications to those who reserved sites through will be made as soon as possible and refunds will be processed. While designated recreation sites will be closed, the general Forest area including the extensive trail and road system will remain open and available to the public.
As we work through an unpredictable and rapidly changing situation, health and safety is our number one priority. We are committed to continuing to support our communities and fulfill our mission as we all work together to minimize the impacts and spread of COVID-19. 

Shasta Lake Area

Campgrounds closed in Shasta Lake Area

  • Antlers Campground
  • Bailey Cove Campground
  • Chirpchatter Campground
  • Deadlun Campground
  • Ellery Creek Campground
  • Hirz Bay Campground
  • Lakeshore East Campground
  • Lower Jones Valley Campground
  • Madrone Campground
  • McCloud Bridge Campground
  • Upper Jones Valley Campground

Group Campgrounds closed Shasta Lake Area

  • Dekkas Rock Group Campground
  • Gregory Creek Group Campground
  • Hirz Bay 1 Group Campground
  • Hirz Bay 2 Group Campground
  • Mariners Point Group Campground
  • Moore Creek Campground
  • Nelson Point Campground
  • Pine Point Campground

Cabin Rentals closed in Shasta Lake Area:

  • Hirz Mountain Lookout
  • Hirz Bay Cabin

Picnic Areas closed in Shasta Lake Area

  • Bailey Cove Day Use Area
  • Dekkas Rock Day Use Area
  • Fishermans Point Day Use Area
  • McCloud Bridge Day Use Area

Big Bar Area

Campgrounds closed in Big Bar Area

  • Big Flat Campground
  • Burnt Ranch Campground
  • Denny Campground
  • Hayden Flat Campground
  • Hobo Gulch Campground
  • Pigeon Point Campground
  • Ripstein Campground

 Group Campgrounds closed in Big Bar Area

  • Skunk Point Group Campground
  • Pigeon Point Group Campground
  • Hayden Flat Group Campground

Day Use Areas closed in Big Bar Area

  • Cedar Flat Picnic Area
  • Whites Bar Picnic Area
  • Big Bar Picnic Area
  • Big Flat River Access

Trinity Area

Campgrounds closed in Trinity Area

  • Ackerman Campground
  • Alpine View Campground
  • Bridge Camp Campground
  • Bushytail Campground
  • Clark Springs Campground
  • Clear Creek Campground
  • Cooper Gulch Campground
  • Eagle Creek Campground
  • Goldfield Campground
  • Hayward Flat Campground
  • Horse Flat Campground
  • Jackass Springs Campground
  • Mariners Roost Boat-In Campground
  • Mary Smith Campground
  • Minersville Campround
  • Preacher Meadow Campground
  • Rush Creek Campground
  • Scott Mountain Campground
  • Stoney Point Campground
  • Tannery Gulch Campground
  • Trinity River Campground

Group Campgrounds closed in Trinity Area

  • Bushytail Campground
  • Fawn Group Campground
  • Stoney Creek Group Campground
  • East Weaver Group Campground 

Picnic Areas closed in Trinity Area

  • Clark Springs Day Use Area and Beach
  • Cooper Gulch Day Use Area
  • Pine Cove Picnic Area
  • Stoney Creek Swim Area
  • Tanbark Picnic Area

Hayfork Area

Campgrounds closed in Hayfork Area

  • Beegum Gorge Campground
  • Big Slide Campground
  • Forest Glen Campground
  • Hell Gate Campground
  • Scott Flat Campground
  • Shiell Gulch Campground
  • Slide Creek Campground

 Cabin rentals closed in Hayfork Area

  • Forest Glen Guard Station
  • Post Creek Lookout

Picnic Areas closed in Hayfork Area

  • Little Rock Picnic Area
  • Natural Bridge Picnic Area
  • Philpot Picnic Area

Yolla Bolla Area

Campgrounds closed in Yolla Bolla area

  • Basin Gulch Campground
  • Deerlick Springs Campground
  • Tomhead Saddle Campground
  • White Rock Campground

Picnic Areas closed in Yolla Bolla area

  • Gemmill Gulch Picnic Area

Mt. Shasta/McCloud Area

Campgrounds closed in Mt. Shasta/McCloud Area

  • Trout Creek Campground
  • Algoma Campground
  • Cattle Camp Campground
  • Fowlers Campground
  • Ah-Di-Na Campground
  • McBride Springs Campground
  • Sims Flat Campground
  • Castle Lake Campground
  • Gumboot Campground
  • Panther Meadows Campground

 Group Campgrounds closed in Mt. Shasta/McCloud Area

  • Camp 4 Group Site
  • Red Fir Flat Group Campground

 Day Use sites closed in Mt. Shasta/McCloud Area

  • Bunny Flat and all Everitt Memorial Highway day use sites
  • Castle Lake Day Use Area
  • Sims Day Use Area
  • Pollard Flat Day Use Area
  • Snowman’s Hill Day Use Area
  • McCloud River Falls area (Lower/Upper/Middle Falls; Lakin Dam; Cattle Camp swimming hole)
  • Pilgrim Creek Snowmobile Park

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