Trinity River February 2017

3 thoughts on “Trinity River February 2017

  1. Thanks for the post on Facebook guys. That means a lot as I know you guys have a huge audience and it is always not easy to take sides when it comes to these things.

    Capt. Hogan Brown 530-514-2453

    ****Check out HGB Fly Fishing on Facebook ****Check out htothegtotheb on twitter ****Check out htothegtotheb on Instagram ****Check out hogan Brown on Pintrest



    • You bet Hogan. The way you approached the situation is commendable and our industry is a small and tight knit community. In a world of throwing daggers in this modern day political climate it’s not only refreshing but admirable to see you take the high road but also stand up for what’s right. We would like to do a blog post over here as well if you’re okay with that?


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