Upper Sacramento River: Whitewater and Trout

Set on the southern skirts of Mount Shasta the Sacramento River is California’s largest river.  It has been touted as the Nile of the West.  It flows for about 445 miles from Shasta to the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.  For this adventure float trip  we are focusing on the Upper Sacramento River above Lake Shasta.  We started our adventure float trip below the town of Dunsmuir and ended near Lakehead.  The Upper Sac is a deceptive river and loaded with tons of class 3 and 4 rapids.  We recommend using one of the outfitters for whitewater trips.  Combine it with some of the best fly fishing and it makes this trip one of our favorites!


How did the Sacramento River get its name?

Gabriel Moraga a Spanish explorer in 1808 was searching for locations to setup missions and was likely the first foreigner to visit the river.  Judging its immense size and power he named it Rio de los Sacramentos, or “River of the Blessed Sacrament.”

How long is the Sacramento River?

445 miles (716 km)

When is the best time for whitewater trips?

Typically April through mid-June but every year is different based weather conditions from the the previous winter.

When can you fish the Upper Sacramento?

The Sacramento River from Shasta Lake to Lake Siskiyou is open 365 days a year.




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