Spring is here, fish you must

It’s no longer getting close, spring is here.  To put it in Yoda terms, “Spring is here, fish you must!”  It’s been a wild and wet winter and for the first time in five years the State of Jefferson has received above average water.  El Niño may not have lived entirely up to it’s ominous reputation, but it has brought life back to the parched landscapes of Northern California.  The temperature outlook has indicated an increased probability of above-normal temperatures across much of the United States in the coming months.  In fact, the chance is highest for the West, exceeding 50 percent.Image of Yoda saying go fishing you must  The weather outlook notes that while the El Niño event is weakening daily, the important question going forward is how quickly its impacts dissipate and what the likelihood is of a transition to a La Niña event.  The weather service says La Niña is characterized by anomalously cool water in the central and eastcentral Pacific (thus the reason the La Niña phenomenon is sometimes referred to as a “Pacific cold episode”).  It’s overall effects also tend to be less predictable than those for El Niño, with seasonal precipitation impacts generally opposite as well.  But women, weather and fish kind of do what they want and right about the time you think you have them figured out…well you know.  Don’t even try.



big rainbow trout- steelhead caught fly fishing in Redding with The Fly Shop

A young angler grins after landing this beast with Fly Shop guide Lonnie Boles on the Sacramento River with flows at 20,000 CFS.

March 22nd- Although the flows were raised to around 20,000 CFS this past week, the Lower Sac fished good to great.  I think we used our bilge and bailing buckets more than we have in a long time.  We had super cells maraud in from the mountains and drench the Northern end of the valley; the weather events were down right epic!

zug bug nymph for fly fishing

The Zug Bug was designed by Cliff Zug in West Lawn, PA in the 1940’s.  It has become one of dirty dozen must have nymphs for fly fishing for trout anywhere you find them.

Complete with thunder and lightning. Surprisingly, the river continued to fish well with these furious passing cells and dramatic changes in barometric pressure that danced around like an EKG monitor. We can tell you the change from several thousand CFS to 20K was awesome and also helped dilute flows from the toxic waste super fund site (read more here), although you won’t find much if you search the media on this.  Our clients loved the high water as well, “I have no idea where I am at right now, it’s like a completely different river and the fish are everywhere!”  They welcomed the new river and we were able to fish areas and side channels that have been dry in recent years. So just as we were getting used to the new flows… guess what?  The flows are changing again.  From here on out, look for the Lower Sac to be a great producer for trout and combined with the best weather of the year it’s a time that you just have to get out here and come fishing!  Fishing you must!  Haven’t fished the river or don’t have a drift boat?  We can help!  This is going to be the best spring we have seen in many years for all Northern California fisheries.


Lower Sac flow change is going to be significant:

date and time of sacramento flow releases

Keswick Release Graph:

Keswick flow release chart

WHOA! Dramatic changes in flows this week on Sacramento River


Highway 3 in Trinity County Update


highway 3 washout with road sign in Trinity County

Unless your last name is Duke we recommend avoiding this hazard!

Caltrans and contractor Tullis, Inc. are working around the clock to open an alternate route around the closure. This route is open with the following restrictions:

  • 4-wheel drive vehicles ONLY during the following times: –  11 a.m. to Noon
         –   3 p.m. to 4 p.m.
         –   After 7 p.m. until 7 a.m. the following morning
  • Under one-way traffic control with a pilot car AT ALL TIMES
  • Priority given to emergency and service vehicles and local residents.
  • Times are subject to change due to construction activity, weather and condition of the roadway.

Caltrans and Trinity County have cleared Trinity Mountain Road/East Side Road between SR 299 near French Gulch and Trinity Center, which is normally closed during winter months.  Portions of the road are unimproved.  Vehicles will be on an unpaved surface and should travel slowly and with caution. 

Caltrans goal is to have SR 3 open with limitations the week before Memorial Day. Until then, recreational vehicles and vehicles pulling trailers are advised to research alternate routes.

highway 3 road closed you shall not pass



Some fly fishing images from around the area


angler in CA Delta with big striper

Northern California offers more year round fly fishing opportunites than almost anywhere in the world.  Simms representative John Sherman holds a nice striper he took on topwater. Yeah!



Pit 3 dam full and over flowing

An image from Tony Hord Photography of Pit 3 below Lake Britton.  Got water? Yeah we do.


Angler holding huge trout at Pyramid Lake

Fly fishing guide and good friend John Fochetti put client Nick Roberts on this monster Lahontan Cutthroat Trout from Pyramid Lake, weighing in at 23lbs!  Contact him at jf.clearwaterlodge@gmail.com.


“Fishing you go, with Kennedy Brothers you must”

Yoda from star wars

Let’s go fishing!  There is no try, only do.

Here at Fish Kennedy Brothers, we offer the most diverse fly fishing experience found in Northern California on our specialized guide trips.  With a quiver of drift boats, rafts and jet boats we fish any water that holds fish.   All species, all techniques, all skill levels.  We customize the day to your needs and love our office and our job!  We just love fishing and teaching others how it’s done.  We would like the chance to show you why we think our office is something you want to be a part of.  Drop us a line!  Have question?  Need some info?  Want to go fishing?  We can help.




Fish Kennedy Brothers

Northern California Fly Fishing Guides

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  1. I just moved to calf from Virginia I love fly fishing for trout and would like to meet outher fly fisher’s and get to know some of the streams I love the mountains and don’t mind the hike to get to a good hole any help would be great if am in Sacramento right now thank you


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