Enjoy the View and the Adventure


You can’t make the river flow any faster, so you might as well slow down and enjoy the view. Fish Kennedy Brothers


“Look, do you see that?” I said while breaking the quietude as my client remained laser focused, head down with extreme execution staring into the swirling and whirling currents of the dark river that danced with his fly line and hung his fly into eternity. We had been plying the river’s banks floating in what felt like slow motion, silently chasing the elusive haunts of the fabled unicorn for several hour now without any grabs. The storm from the night before had left its irrefutable marks on the now snowy upper crust of the tree line. The fresh blue sky mingled with the glowing green and the virgin white of the mountains overhead. A large flock of songbirds which had been absent from the river corridor all winter boomed in dominating harmony singing a sweet Spring song suddenly had been alerted and changed their tune as a lofty visitor swung in for a look on the new arrivals. It’s often difficult to convey, but every guide wants the fish more than the client. But there are times, perhaps more than we aware of that require stopping and enjoying the scene in it’s entirety. I picked up the camera took a couple quick snapshots and watched the moment fade and I was back into the game. I was gone for about 20 seconds, but that 20 seconds made my day. He turned to me and asked, “Ok, what are you talking about now, are we moving?” “Yep, let’s move downriver, I’ll send you the photo.” (Fred landed 3 wild steelhead that day but missed enjoying this view. Do you see the eagle?)

enjoy the simple things

“We’re so busy watching out for what’s just ahead of us that we don’t take time to enjoy where we are.” B. Waterson


Fish Kennedy Brothers
Professional Fly Fishing Guide
Enjoy the View

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