Fly Fishing in Kamchatka, Russia: Part 1

Ask any fly fisherman in search of trout, “where in the world is the best trout fishing” and you would have some interesting destinations on your hands. New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, Canada, and Alaska are some prime examples that you would likely hear. But there is one particular location farther than any from the affects of civilization, leaving it as good as the day God made it. There are giant Brown Bears in this place that gobble up enough fish throughout the summer to last them through the bitter winters, but do you think the trout run from them? Heck no! They pursue the bears and look to them as a food source. That’s right, the trout are so big that they swim after the bears! They are truly wolves of their underwater world, traversing rivers that run a virtual slalom course through active volcanoes. There is but one such place on the globe, and it is known as the Kamchatka, Russia: trout heaven and debatably the best trout destination that exists…period.


Peter S. hoists a 32.5″ rainbow caught in a river in Kamchatka

This video is a depiction of the greatness that is Kamchatka.  A good friend and fellow guide, Christiaan Pretorius, put this video together recently with the help of professional photographer Matt Jones (  We’ve seen a lot of multimedia attempting to capture the experience, and Christiaan has done a superb job doing so.  We hope you enjoy it.

We normally don’t like posting things that include fowl language, but we think it plays into the intensity of the moment.  Sorry Mom!

There is so much to share about fly fishing in Kamchatka.  This is part one of what will be a 4-part series, and we invite you to join us as we take a closer look into its’ intricacies.  Stay tuned for more.

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