California Anglers Allowed to Cut-back on Emergency Toilet Paper in 2016

If you fish in California rivers with steelhead residing in them you know how ridiculous the California steelhead report card is.  But you also know that you always have emergency toilet paper while out on your favorite river.  If nature calls, you have the answer.

California's Steelhead Report Card AKA emergency toilet paper

California’s Steelhead Report Card AKA emergency toilet paper

It’s the longest piece paper we’ve ever seen minus that receipt when you bought dinner for the entire high school football team.  Yeah, we haven’t either but you get what we are saying.  That puppy is long!  As fly fishing guides here in Northern California most of our time is spent in watersheds that require our clients to have them in possession and filled out correctly. We don’t mind doing that but having to listen to our clients complain about them everyday gets old, but we can’t blame them. We are happy to find out that the system is finally changing, and hopefully for the better in the upcoming 2016 fishing season.

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Here is the update from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife:

CDFW Simplifies Steelhead Report and Restoration Card

The new card is shorter and easier to fill out. It provides anglers with clear and concise reporting instructions, consolidates location codes and better defines the data being collected.

Major changes to the 2016 card include:

  • A reduction of location codes from 73 to 20
  • The addition of a “did not fish” check box above the reporting section
  • Simplification of report card language
  • Clarification of reporting instructions

The consolidation of location codes benefits the angler by making it easier to identify which location code they are fishing in, while the simplification of language helps anglers more easily determine what data must be recorded and how to comply with the reporting requirement.

The steelhead data collected by anglers is important and aids CDFW in making management decisions, and is used to determine catch trends for specific watersheds. Revenue generated by report card sales is dedicated to steelhead restoration projects which contribute to the conservation and recovery of steelhead populations and benefit both the species and anglers.

Reporting online is preferred as it increases the accuracy of data and reduces data entry and administrative costs, and allows for more funds to be used for statewide steelhead restoration.

For more information regarding the Steelhead Report and Restoration Card Program and how data is utilized, please visit To enter your steelhead report card information online, please login to the CDFW online license sales and service system at

Media Contacts:
Farhat Bajjaliya, CDFW Fisheries Branch, (916) 327-8855
Andrew Hughan, CDFW Communications, (916) 322-8944

Fish and Wildlife...not game.

Fish and Wildlife…not game.

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