Great Weather Patterns Bring Fall Opportunites

It’s been an enjoyable Fall as small weather cells brought in much needed moisture and lent Nor Cal a brief and temporary reprieve from the West Coast drought. It’s far from over and we need more precipitation and snow on the peaks to rescue us but in the meantime, the conditions don’t get any better for Northern California river systems. The general trout season still has a little over a week left and you couldn’t ask for better weather.
May 2014 377

Do you like camping or need a break before winter comes and takes a firm grip? The holidays are just around the corner.  Do you need to get out? We are guides and love it when our clients book us and we get to share our favorite spots and how we fish the local waters but we also love seeing our clients getting out there and doing it on their own. Fishing this fall couldn’t be any better whether it be tackling steelhead on the swing or probing one of our many rivers, creeks or stillwater destinations. Northern California has many great campgrounds and out of the way locations. Get out there and enjoy what the State of Jefferson has to offer. Now is the time!

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